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P3proswing has spent the last year perfecting their golf simulator software and adding a bunch of new cool features to their golf simulator software. P3proswing state-of-the-art sensor feature 65 optical sensors, a turftop for realistic gameplay, up to 92 courses, and P3proswing's revolutionary on-line gameplay. Now you can play the p3proswing online with golfers all around the world!. P3proswing even has on-line golf tournaments, and other golf simulator events. 1 Year subsciption is free with every P3proswing golf simulator. P3proswing 65 sensor mat provides accuracy and precision only found in 40-50 k golf simulators


At Spectrum Golf, we carry a wide range of p3proswing golf simulator packages. Whether you want just the basic p3proswing or a complete p3proswing golf simulator package, we can design a golf simulator to meet your exact requirements. The p3proswing can be easily hooked up to a desktop or laptop and viewed thru a monitor or TV. Our Ultimate p3proswing packages utilize a golf simulator cage and the p3proswing image is projected onto a 140-180 inch screen thru a HD projector. This p3proswing golf setup requires a minimum of 10x 10 space. P3proswing simulators also come in 10 x 12 and 10 x15 for RH/LH setup. We can even customize a p3proswing simulator to meet your specs.  LEARN MORE..    

P3proswing golf simulator package now start at 799 and come with 92 p3proswing golf courses! P3 proswing also come with a practice driving range. Courses include

Abu Dhabi Golf Course, Monterey Bay,Hills of Clarity, Executive Dunes East, Doral and many more. Each course is filled with stunning graphics and is accurately depicted from the real course. Imagine playing St Andrews on your P3proswing golf simulator right in the comforts of your own home. With P3proswing, each shot is analyzed with the P3proswing software and 65 sensors. A complete screen of swing factors with graphics pops up after each shot on the P3proswing.


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